Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) Teljes Film Néz Online [HD]

Rating: 4.6
Escape Plan: The Extractors

Escape Plan: The Extractors

Escape Plan: The Extractors Teljes Film Magyarul After security expert Ray Breslin is hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a Hong Kong tech mogul from a formidable Latvian prison, Breslin’s girlfriend is also captured. Now he and his team must pull off a deadly rescue mission to confront their sadistic foe and save the hostages before time runs out.

  • Kiadás: 2019-06-20
  • Termelés: Potato Eater Productions / Twirly Films Limited / Leomus Pictures / Emmett Furla Oasis Films /
  • Megjelenési dátum:US 2019-06-20
  • A film költségvetése:$0.00
  • Wiki Page: Plan: The Extractors
  • Műfaj: Action Thriller

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Néz Escape Plan: The Extractors teljes film

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Mit mondanak az emberek Escape Plan: The Extractors film

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Escape Plan: The Extractors

  • John Herzfeld/Director
  • John Herzfeld/Screenplay
  • Miles Chapman/Screenplay

Escape Plan: The Extractors – Filmszínészek és színésznő

  • Sylvester Stallone/Ray Breslin
  • Dave Bautista/Trent DeRosa
  • Jaime King/Abigail Ross
  • Russell Wong/Wu Zhang
  • Danni Wang/Ling May
  • Malese Jow/Daya

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